I have been in Colorado for a little over a week and it is beautiful.  It has snowed two full days while I have been here bringing in over a foot and a half of new snow each time.  The mountain is a amazing and fun to ski.  I have been pretty sore using all the muscles I haven't used in ages to ski, but it has been very fun.  I have been thrown back into the Club Med lifestyle with the kids, the rehearsals for shows, and the VERY long work hours.  Many more hours of work required here than in Florida. Not to mention the 15 minute walk to work uphill in the freezing morning hours!  So far it is good though.  I really like my boss and the big boss is awesome.  I think it will be a really good season here.  It will be a wonderful environment to live in anyway.  I have neighbors that are locals and very friendly, so that is nice.

Here are some pictures from my bedroom balcony and from the living room balcony. 

These are from the living room balcony.  This is Mount Crested Butte.  That is the mountain we work on and take the kids out on.  It is a lot of fun.  The chair lift takes you pretty close to the peak, but not all the way.  Some people hike to the peak, but I will not be doing that. 


This is the view from my bedroom.  Down at the bottom of the hill is the little town of Crested Butte. Kind of looks like Tahoe City.  It is a really cute little town.

In the middle of this picture, just below the crane in the distance is the Club Med hotel.  It is a bit of a walk, but our living arrangements are all really nice.  I am definitely getting a work out just walking to and from work.