New Year's Eve 2006

The holidays at Club Med left much to be desired.  I had the worst Christmas ever.  I worked all day on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve.  It was rough on me.  I know I am doing well in my job, but working for this company is taking a lot out of me.  It is a bit frustrating.  Oh well,  I am working on sticking it through for the next few months and getting to April.  The mountain is beautiful and the location is amazing.  The club has to lease housing here from outside owners so the housing is terrific.  I basically live in a condo that many would pay major bucks for a week of vacation in.  So even though the job is starting out frustrating and the management leaves much to be desired, the location and the kids keep me happy!

New Year's Eve ended on a much higher note than Christmas which makes me happy and helps me look forward to the new year.  I have lots of ideas of things to do after this season is over, but nothing really solid as of yet. 

Here are some pictures of the Club Med New Year's Party.  It is mainly just pictures of some friends from here, but mainly friends I met in Florida who are also here.


Me and Roland...toward the end of the night.  After 2 hours of crazy signs.  Club Med has many dances that they do.  Very easy, but very aerobic and we did 2 hours of them before midnight.  After we finished a Winter Wonderland show.  We were beat after all this jumping around!

My roommate, Stephanie-the costume designer, and me.


My friend Heather from Marysville and me she.  She was in Florida with me.

Emilie is from Quebec, Canada.  She was also in Florida with me. She tries to teach me French but I am not so good at remembering it all.

Me, my boss Jolyn (she runs the kids club here), and Malia (said like Maria but with an 'L') from Oregon.

Roland and me again.