Picnic Day at UC Davis

My first weekend back home I went to the UC Davis picnic day with my brothers and their families. It was a hot and crowd filled day!  We rode bikes all over campus and made it to a couple different shows.  First their was a parade and then we went to see the animals that were all over campus! The kids enjoyed seeing all the different animals.

Dan and Claire riding their bike.


Dan and Claire watching the parade

Griffin and Claire (my nephew and niece) and their neighbors Ali and Madi in the back.  Standing around waiting for the parade to come.

The Davis Unibus.  I don't know why, but I think its cool!

There was a whole field set up with all different kinds of dogs.  They had dog races going on and frisbees being thrown all over the place.

Amanda and Nicholas (my niece and nephew) liked the beagles.

Claire found dogs more her size.

We went to the vet hospital and met Melanie (the bird). She is a talking cockatoo.  The kids got to give her nuts when she spoke to them.


The kids got to hold baby chicks.  They started out holding a little too hard, but learned from the birds squeaking to loosen their grip!!!!!

Short clip of Griffin with chick

I had a very low key weekend for my first one home.  It was nice to spend time with my family.