Happy 30th birthday, Christy!!!

I got a chance to see a bunch of my friends at a great gathering!  We all went to Berkeley and surprised Christy for her 30th birthday.  We started the night in Berkeley and were later picked up by a party bus and taken to three different clubs in San Francisco.  Christy was surprised and we all had a lot of fun!

Christy and her cheesecake!

Freddy, Elena, Chris, and CJ

Ian, Craig, Sean, Jenny, Sara

Me and Freddy at Anna's Jazz Island

Christy and Chris on the party bus

Jenny and Sean on the party bus

Paul and Christy at the Cat Club

Christy and me at the Cat Club

Bunch of Christy's fun work friendsJ

CJ and Craig

Josh and Sara.....the Newlyweds!!!

Christy, Me, and Chad  (Chad met up with us after Les' wedding)