Going to Reno

I have seen a bunch of people in the last couple weeks since I got home.  I went up through the mountains to Reno,  Nevada to see my friend John.  The snow and trees were beautiful!!!  Makes the drive very easy to travel!!

This is Donner Lake.  It is along the drive over Donner Summit.  The top of the mountain drive.  It was beautiful as always.

LOOK!!!!  SNOW!!!!

Downtown Reno.

We went out in the casinos and saw a bunch of bands and did a LOT of people watching!  Yes, Christen I am totally eavesdropping!  TOLD YOU!

John, frog friend,  Me. 

We went to Circus Circus and played the basketball game for awhile and won a new friend that caused many conversations throughout the rest of the night.  Which, of course, I loved!

Every picture that I took of us, I cut off his head!! He is 6'4"!!  A bit taller than most people I know!