Siete de Mayo

We went to Red Bluff for Joe Vine's annual de Mayo party.  It proved to be just as entertaining as usual.  Thanks to Joe we once again had some good drinks, good laughs, and good fun!

Me in my large sombrero

Mike and Chad.  Mike was a strawberry picker and Chad was ready for the running of the bulls.

Chad talking to Christen in Taiwan.

This is Joe.  The party thrower!

Chad, me, Mike, and Jack

Me and Melisa (Mike's girlfriend)

Me and Jack (Jack is Joe's Dad)

Marissa putting more alcohol into the slushy machine!  Dangerous machine!


Roxanne, Me, Jack   These are Joe's parents.

Joe, Me, and Jack

Pinata Time


Chad's Early Night

Chad had a hard work week and the party took it out of him.  He passed out early and reaped the consequences.  A hint for everyone.....never pass out in a high traffic area at a party or this could happen to you!

Chad got signed by nearly everyone at the party.

Little kids lined up to sign him.

Heather signing him.   Heather is Joe's girlfriend.

A little fun time for me drawing on him!

Joe had something to say about Chad passing out.

Ahh.....good friends getting a good picture!

The rest of these are just some general pics of the night.  Lots of people were at the party and I can honestly say I don't remember everyone's name!  I will have to get a hold of Joe and have him tell me all the names so I can fill it in!