CLUB MED!!!!  

Okay so I have not had much time to do anything except work!!  The first few weeks were REALLY hard for me.  Being around a HUGE group of new people and all younger than me, but I have gotten through it and met some really great friends and have gotten into the swing of working 14 hour days all the time!  It was quite an adjustment coming off of Taiwan casual time! 

SO here is a little glimpse of where I am.

This the main door into my room.  I share a shower and bathroom area with one person and then we both have separate rooms.  Mine is on the left (open). 

This is my room (as usual quite lived in).  Door is to the right of this pic.

My roommate and I get along great!!! She and I actually requested to be put int he same room after a week. SHe is from New York City (yeah!!!  another fun place to go visit!)

Me and Nicole ( my roommate!)

So I went out and took a couple pictures of the village.  Not very many, but I will work on a little tour of pictures later!

This is the main pool area.  Tons of people always out and around this place.  The bar is directly ahead.  We HAVE to spend a lot of time in there.  We are REQUIRED to be in the bar until 10:30 every night.  Gets old fast! 

The mini club (where I work) is straight ahead the lap pool is on the right.

This is the Peanut room.  The babies (4 months - walking) are called peanuts and I spend most of my time in here.  I haven't worked with babies in a long time, but I am enjoying it.....except for the color scheme!!

The views waling around are all pretty nice.  This is what I walk by every day to work!  The Saint Port Lucie River.

How cool is this?!!!  We have trapeze here!  I finally did it for the first time on Tuesday!  The scariest part is climbing the ladder!!!  It was fun, but I am not sure how often I will get the nerve to climb the ladder!! 

SO that is my first addition to my Florida page!!  I know it took forever, but time is precious here!!!