A Day Off Work!!

Since we only get one day off a week, we have to pack in all the fun and excitement possible in that one day.  My friend Roland and I got on bikes and rode an hour each way to Jensen beach.  It was a hot sweaty ride and I am definitely feeling it today!!  We spent a few hours at the beach and then took our time in the hot sun getting back stopping many times for water breaks!!!

This is me at the top of the overpass (and the largest hill of the ride).  Behind me is where the St. Port Lucie RIver meets the Atlantic Ocean. 

This is my friend Roland.  He is from Southern California and one of the only people here near my age.  Everyone else is so YOUNG!!!

These signs are all over the area.  Had to prove I was in swamp land!  I swear that just riding around you would not understand why people retire down here!! It is so muggy and swampy!!!

I had a really good day off, but need some time to recover!!!!