Epcot Center

Nicole and I requested a day off together and went up to Orlando.  Nicole worked at Disney last summer so she has many friends that still live up there.  A few of them came and picked us up Monday night the 25th and took us up to Pleasure Island in Disney World.  We went dancing for a bit there and then spent the night at a friends house. Tuesday morning we woke up and went to Epcot for the day. It was a great day!  We went to all the different lands and then went around the world.  It was fun.  We did the drinks around the world tour which was fun.  A margarita in Mexico, a bellini in Italy, Beer in Germany and champagne in France.  It was a lot of fun.  A very TIRING day that I felt like I needed a day off from my day off, but it was worth being pretty tired the rest of the work week.

Here is Nicole and I as we got into the car to leave Club Med!!!  Yeah a break from the village!

I am in Mexico!!!

Mexico was my favorite spot.  Mom and Dad, they have good margaritas here!  We need one of their machines!

Next country we went to was Norway, which has the best ride at Epcot (in my opinion).


Nicole and I both in front of the Norwegian sailboat inside the ride.

Next we went to China, but I have so many real pictures of Chinese culture that I didn't take any pictures.  Then we went through Japan. 

There was a really cool drum show happening.  We watched for a bit.

Here we are in Italy having Bellini's. 

Our favorite country was Germany.  The food was great and the show was awesome.

These are the group of Nicole's friends who got us into the park. 

Next we went to Moracco.  The shop keeper enjoyed dressing us up.

We enjoyed this shop a lot!

We walked through France, but didn't stay long.  Nicole and I have had a bit to much of the French.  The company we work for  originated from France, so there are A LOT of French guests.  We passed that country!

We did go to England though.

We had fun playing around the park!

No day in Disney would be complete without the Character parade!!!

We had a really good time!  Though we were very TIRED!!!