Nicole's Last Day   

My roommate left on the 30th.  We took a bunch of pics of the day.  She was a great roommate, but she had to go back to New York for school.  I will miss her a lot, but now I have a place to go visit NEW YORK!!

Me and Nicole on the walk we take the babies on everyday.

Tammie (from Chicago), me, and a bunch of our kids.  We walk the kids around the village twice a day and give them snack near the sailing shack so they can watch the boats.

Nicole, Me, and Filipp.  Both of them left the same day.  Our last dinner together.

Me, Tammie, Kerry, and Nicole.  All three of them will be gone by the 8th of Sept.  I will be very sad! 

Me and Nicole!  I miss her already!!