Hurricane Wilma


October 24th we all watched TV as Hurricane Wilma knocked the Cancun Club Med out of commission.  The news said that we would only be hit with 55 mph winds, but they were very wrong.  We all gathered in the theater at 5:30am on the 24th and watched as the winds and rain picked up speed and dropped a ton of rain.  The winds made it up to 110 mph and it was a crazy thing to experience.   I had a great time running to the locations where I could be outside and blocked from the wind.  For about an hour we are all made to be inside the middle of the theater away from all windows.  The staff had been hanging out in the golf lounge which is all windows and as soon as we saw the windows look like they were going to buckle we went inside.


 Movie of the Hurricane


This was the oldest tree at our club.  Came right of the ground like someone picked a flower.  We had a bonfire and burned it a couple nights later.

This is the front of the club.  The whole place looked like this.

This was the sky at 7pm.  Was a beautiful night!!!

We didn't have power for about 5 days, but the weather was beautiful all week.  The hurricane brought fall.