Our Engagement Day

What a great story!

Roland had been telling me we were going on a mystery trip for about two weeks and really threw me off as to where we were going with all his confusing clues.  We went to Napa on Tuesday the 19th of December.  We went to a great sushi dinner in downtown Napa and then found a hotel room at the Chateau hotel.

    We woke up very early on the 20th and met a group at the Lakeside Grill in Yountville.  A man shuttled us to a Hot Air Balloon!!  They were still blowing it up when we got there.


The balloon was being blown up by fans when we arrived.

Us waiting to get in the balloon!

A bit fuzzy but they let us get right to the bottom of the balloon...nearly inside. Quite a globe of color.

  Me and the balloon!!  I was pretty excited!!!

As soon as we were all there they started putting the hot air into the balloon.  It rose very quickly.


The Balloon ready for flight....right before sunrise.

Right after take off


A beautiful beginning to an even more beautiful day!!!


The Napa Valley floating high above.

The pilot said that he usually only floats about 3 miles and gets about 500 feet up and goes about 5 miles an hour.  We ended up going 7 miles 2099 feet up, and about 13.5 miles an hour.

Roland proposed over the Napa Valley towards the end of our trip!!  Of course, I said YES!!! 


Roland flying high!


A shot of the ring!

The reflection of our balloon in someone's irrigation water.

Just landed

Many property owners are balloon friendly.  There was even a sign on this property that said "No Trespassing.  Balloons Welcome"

Me & Roland...Just landed!

Playing with the vines after the balloon ride while they put the balloon away.

This guy is pulling the balloon down!

The balloon nearly down.

The end of the trip! Our self portrait!