Our Honeymoon

September 10th - 23rd, 2007

We arrived in Puerto Rico on September 10th.  We got in late and went on a crazy taxi ride to our hotel.  The hotel was a five minute walk from the beach.  Puerto is an American Commonwealth so it was very much an American island with a lot of history.  We went to the Bacardi Factory, Old San Juan, San Cristobal Castle, and El Yunque Rainforest.  We sepnt five days in Puerto Rico which was more than enough, before we got on our cruise ship to St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, and Anitgua.

Puerto Rico


Our first day in Puerto Rico                                                           Roland in his own Carona commercial


Hanging out on a stone bench.  There was a fountain behind me that its own Fountain police.  A lady whistled at any one who tried to touch the water, which.....of course, Roland tried to do.

Our beautiful day!



We went to the Bacardi factory and took a tour.  It was actually a pretty interesting past.  Bacardi has been around a long time.  The story of the bat on the label was a fun one to learn.  They had a room full of historic documents that were fun to see.  We got to send video e-mails to our families from the tasting room.

We walked all over Old San Juan.  The San Cristobal Castle had some very interesting architecture and history.



Me and My Castle                                                       Roland has dominated the castle


The cemetary at the castle was beautiful and well cared for.


These watchtowers are about every 30 feet.  In between the towers were holes in the walls for cannons.

Old San Juan's streets are very narrow and packed.  The buildings reminded of us of Pirates of the Carribean.

El Yunque is the only Rainforest operated by the U.S.


The rainforest had many waterfalls and all kinds of different plant life.


This tower was at the top of the mountain and had an amazing view!


The El Yunque Waterfall


The Carnival Destiny

We had a great time on the ship.  We were treated like royalty the entire time.  The food was amazing and served with exceptional service. They had different types of shows every night. It was nice to go out adventuring all day, come back go to an amazing meal with an amazing view out the back of the ship, then head to a show before going to bed, and waking up and doing it all again in another beautiful place!!

Boarding the Ship.  September 16, 2007


The Lido Deck. I actually saved an old woman's life on the first day of the cruise on this water slide!

1st Stop:  St. Thomas




2nd Stop:  Dominica


View of Dominica                                                                Us at the Botanical Gardens


Bus squashed during hurricane.                                                                 Us at a Banana Plantation


The Emerald Pools.  Folk Lore in DOminica says that swimming takes ten years off your age.  Notice Roland diving in.

The Ship


Us on Elegant Night                                                            The view from our dinner table every night.



Us on our boat out to see the turtles.                                                  Many battleships were docks there.

Unfortunately our underwater camera got water inside so we lost most of our pictures from Barbados, but it was our favorite of the islands we visited.  We went on a boat trip to go swimming with under water turtles and snorkeling over two different shipwrecks.  The beaches were white and soft.  It was beautiful.

St. Lucia


THe calypso music was right outside the boat.  Was awesome!


The Brig Unicorn!  Was one of the boats in Pirates of the Caribbean.


We both got to drive the boat for a bit.


After landing on pigeon Island.


Walking through the ruins on pigeon island.


Antigua church with graves all the way up to the doors.  Not something I am used to seeing.

Boat ride out to Stingray island.                                      Out in the middle of the sea.

I am holding a STINGRAY!!


Us on the last day of the cruise.  Sporting our tans and some exhaustion.

We had an amazing time on our honeymoon.  Our wedding day was perfect and the two weeks in the Caribbean were an amazing way to start our married life.