We made it to Tahoe!!!!!

Roland and I moved to Lake Tahoe May 1st.  We said we'd get here together and we did!  We are both working and enjoying our jobs (some days much more than others!)  The summer has been fun and we are finally settling to life back in reality.

We have moved into a fun little cabin in King's Beach.  It is on the North Shore of the lake and or little cabin is a five minute walk to the beach.  We have had some visitors now and have enjoyed sharing our new home with our friends and family.  There is so much to do around here, but mainly it is just nice to be living up here and experiencing the awesome nature of Tahoe!!

Here is the front of our cabin when it snowed on May 26th!!  It was quite a shock to both of us.  It was that surprise spring storm that got us good at 4:30 in the morning!  We weren't ready for the snowy morning drive over Brockway Pass!  But we made it over in my little blue car!!  We have a bit to prepare for in the next few months before winter!


Our little neighborhood about 2 weeks after that shocking little snow storm!  Spring has sprung!!

Me and Roland in the lake at Sand Harbor.  The lake was clear and blue as ever!  Bunches of tourists around, but so nice to be in the lake!

Roland, Paige, Freddy, and me.  Our first time having people over to BBQ and go to the lake! Freddy lives so close now and havign Paige around a few times has been great!

Me and Roland taking advantage of the beach in our new home town!

It is a great start and we are looking forward to our friends and family getting up here to visit!