Our Day at Freddy's in Blue Canyon

We went to Freddy's house in Blue Canyon and enjoyed a beautiful day!  We felt like big kids making a snow cave and riding snowmobiles!  Freddy has beautiful property with amazing view of the mountains!!


Desi and Freddy's neighbors car that he is must be in no hurry to get out.




The views from Freddy's house and his house.

Roland on Freddy's deck


Bow dog!!


Me and Roland                                                                                         Me and Desi


Me and Desi                                                                                                     Freddy Jumping

We went on a 3 mile snowmobile and had some amazing views!


And of course we made snow angels.


Desi at the beginning of the cave                                                         Me and Desi when we finish the snow cave!

Roland and Freddy inside the cave

Roland and Freddy enjoying the seating area around the cave

Desi as an Eskimo

Me and my hubby!