Our Wedding Day

September 8, 2007


After the wedding

Me and my beautiful flowers


Me and my mom                                                                     Me and my dad

My new mother-in-law, Barbara and sister-in-law, Desiree

Me and my nieces and nephews

My family

Ken, Michael, Mom, me, Dad, Michael

Me and My Brothers

Dan, Ken, Me, and Michael

Art, Roland, and Ishmael

Ishmael, Michael, ROland, Dan, Ken, Dad, Art,

Nicholas, Griffin, and Oscar

Roland's Groom's Party

Desiree, Roland, Art, Ishamel

Roland and his mom and sister

My dad and Roland

The Ceremony

Nicholas and Griffin lighting the candles

Me and my dad down the aisle

My dad giving me away


Our Vows

Lighting the family Unity Candle

The Ceremony

Almost Married


THe Pacheco Family

Mr. And Mrs. Pacheco with The Duisenberg Family

The entire Duisenberg Family!  Quite a group came to the wedding which meant a lot to us!!

After the wedding getting ready for pictures

Me with all the little girls. My niece and my cousins

Leaving the church. My mom and dad left their wedding in the same car.

Our First Dance

Father-Daughter Dance

Dancing with mom and dad

My brothers and niece sang the song that I walked down the aisle to as a surprise to us.

Look to the Rainbow

My new cousins!

The women of my new family!

My mom and Gramma

Uncle Hank and Cousin Liz


Me and Dee Dee

Brielle, me and Lupe!  I am so glad these ladies made it to the wedding!  They have been there through it all!

Brielle, Marcy, and Lupe!


Our wedding day was more perfect than we could have imagined.  So many people came to share in our day. It was a union of our lives and a reunion of many.  I am so glad all came to meet my wonderful husband!

Thank you mom and dad for making it such a special and unforgettable day for us!