My brother wanted some pictures of the town I have been staying in so here are a few.  I have been staying in a town called Toulio.  It is about 3 hours south of Taipei.  It is very built up and uses most every inch available to build on.  But if you go to the outside of the city it is farms as far as you can see to the next city.

The people here use every available piece of land because Taiwan is a small island with land that is amazing for farming, but there are so many people that the cities are huge too.  I went on a walk the other day and just off the main road on a road that runs parallel to it was a road with farms.  In a mile walk I saw farms that were growing papayas, mangos, bananas, pineapple, sugar cane, oranges, corn, beans, beetlenut trees, and bamboo farms.  It was pretty amazing!

That is a view of the center of Toulio.  It is not very visible, but there is a huge fountain in the middle of the town and it has a circle with many different streets webbed off of it with many different kinds of shops.

More Toulio

There are many McDonald's and 7-11's all over the place here.  You pay your bills at 7-11!

Temple across the street from McDonald's.

Same temple across the street from McDonald's


I moved into my apartment today September 1st! 

Here is a view from my patio.  This is a hazy view of Puzih

There is a school right across the street from my apartment.  It isn't the school I will be at, but it is a busy Chinese school.