I have moved into my apartment and everyone seems to want to see where I am living so I will give you a little tour!

Here is my building at about 6:30pm.

Here is the front courtyard that everyone has to walk through to get to their houses.  I live to the left. 

Look up.......I live on the 9th floor of the building.....this is my laundry area...it is off of my kitchen.

Picture of courtyard from my laundry patio.

Here is the elevator!


And now what you have all been waiting for!.......My apartment!

This is the living room....I am standing at the front door.

The very small kitchen.  It is pretty funny.  Everything is a little lower than at home.  Definitely made for shorter people, but it'll do!  Freddy.......They look small, but notice the magnets!!!

Entry to my room.

Made myself at home in here!!!

Ahh.....my very HARD bed!  Lovely!

The bathroom off of my room.  It is pretty weird because there are no shower curtains used here.  THere is a drain in the floor so there is no need for a curtain.  It is funny, there are drains in every single room because all of the rain and flooding all over Taiwan.  Apparently no room is safe from Typhoon season! Notice the whole place is tile.  The walls are cement so things don't mold and rot.

I have two extra rooms.  One with a bed and the other with a desk.

And...a spare bathroom.

So, now you have all been to my first apartment in a foreign country!  There is obviously plenty of room if anyone wants to visit!!!!

Let me show you my first visitor!

This guy was waiting at the door my first night in my apartment.  I initially freaked out, but then he walked to the back door and I opened it and he walked out.