I have Mondays off which is really nice because I feel like I have an extra day for myself.  Today I drove out to the ocean.  There is a little fishing village called Budai.  I went to Budai port which is the closest ocean to me.  I also went to Budai temple.  I haven't really had much time to go exploring yet, so it was nice to have a morning/afternoon to just drive around by myself and see the things around me and outside of a town.  I look forward to feeling more and more comfortable and venturing farther and farther away!!!

That white mountain is SALT!  It is on the road into Budai.  The road into Budai ts made of tiny pieces of shiny rock.  The bumps in between lanes are covered in tiny blue rocks. The lines on the outside of the lanes are made of tiny shiny green rocks. It looks handmade!!!

Here I am!!!  I am in front of Budai Temple.

Front of the temple.

Inside the temple.

This is out in front of the temple....and that is my SCOOTER!!!!

This is the port.  They are unloading a large ship straight ahead.

That is the ocean straight ahead. I couldn't get closer because that is the cargo area.  And the Port police station is just to the right of this.

The port again.  That is a small ship to the left of the silo.

Here are the small fishing boats.  SCARY!!!  I wouldn't go out on the ocean on one of those!!!

That is a little of what I saw today!