This weekend was really fun.  Some friends had a great party on Saturday night.  And yet again it went into the hours of the next morning.  The hours just seem to disappear here!  It is crazy! 

Sunday was Taiwan Independence day.  It is the independence from Japan.  There was an amazing firework show down the street from me.  There were tour buses of people who came so it was pretty busy.  Then there was a concert right afterward.  We stayed for a while, but we were all pretty tired from the night before.

Monday Philip and I went to Budai.  He hadn't been there yet and I had only seen the little that I checked out on my own when I first got here.  We went out to the port and walked out to the edge of the port walls where the ocean is pretty wild and it is VERY windy.  It was beautiful!

Not really sure what these floating things are.  They looked like they might be for oysters, but there were some men out fishing on them too.

Then we went to the temple.  Philip took a lot of pics that day so I got these from him. 

Budai Temple

After we went to the temple, we went into a fish market.  It is a large warehouse with booths of people selling all kinds of seafood.  We saw things I have never seen before.  It was pretty stinky, but cool to see.

Some BIG fish!

some more!

Yummy!  These crabs were all alive and kicking!  Their claws were tied down, but they were pretty wiggly!

This was one of the typical ladies working in the booths.

Stinky!  Lots of large dead (and alive) fish!  Oh and Philip.

Octopus anyone?

How 'bout some squid?

Sting Rays?  Eel?  SO many choices.....what to do?!

Throughout Budai there are people shelling oysters.  These ladies were sitting outside shelling tons of them!!

Philip wins the oyster shell lottery!!!

On our way out we stopped on a bridge overlooking the fishing boats.

Gotta love the Dragon!  The protector of the bridge!

This is a little park with a cement dragon fountain.  There is a walking path all the way around it.

Ready for an amazing sunset?!!

Check out that sunset!!!

How gorgeous is that?!!  It was so beautiful!!

Well....we bought some crab at the market and decided to test our cooking skills.......