October 23, 2004

We went to Tainan.  It is a bigger town and it is on the coast.  But we just went to watch a rugby game.  Here, you go to where the different sports games will be on TV.  And a bunch of friends wanted to see the rugby game so we took the train to Tainan.  And then we ended up playing darts and hanging out at a place called the Hang Out.  There were a bunch of foreigners there.  I haven't been used to walking around and seeing a bunch of foreigners.  But there were a ton here.

This is our little group that came down from Puzih.

(from left) Elmer and Cindy, Luke, Helen, Me, Neil, and Jason

This one was a little later in the night after our dart tournament.

Jason bought his Halloween costume in Tainan.  The punk skeleton.

Neil and Jason after watching the rugby game.

Me and Jason. Jason is from Canada

Neil and Me.  Neil is from South Africa, but is in the process of immigrating to Australia.

We had a long night of fun.  We went dancing and stayed out all night because the earliest train that we could get home was 6:30 am.  But we all slept on the train home and had a great night.  I have made some really good friends here  It is just a bit weird cause everyone is on a different schedule and comes and goes at different times.  Jason leaves December 11th.  So, it is weird to make friends with people and have a great time getting to know them and then have them leave, but it is really a cool experience too.