On the bus to Taipei

Merina wanted to go to Taipei for her birthday to find a Halloween party, so we headed up after work.

Her is the bus trip up.  The night started out fun, but ended not so great, so here we are before the craziness began

Merina was a Can-Can girl. 

Dawn was a flapper.

Chris was Darth Mall and I was a witch.

We went to a couple places to go dancing and had a really good time.  At the last place we went I got something slipped into my drink and got really sick and scared.  After I got sick I felt much better, but was pretty shaken up.  I went straight from the club to the bus station to come back to Puzih.  Country mouse didn't enjoy the big city too much this time.  I had friends with me, but it was a pretty lonely and scary feeling.  I talked to my parents and felt much better, but also felt like I wanted to go home.  I talked to my boss today about being slipped something and she said that it has been all over the news lately that people are doing that to girls in Taipei.  Apparently it has only recently become a problem in Taiwan.

I am okay now and I feel good, just had a scare and learned a pretty crazy lesson about going dancing in Taipei.  I will definitely be much more cautious.