I haven't added pictures in quite awhile cause I have just been doing a lot of everyday things, though my dad tells me that is what he wants to see pictures of so I will work on just bringing my camera around with me on my errands, but for now these will have to do!

Philip's Going Away Barbeque

Philip came home from a month away in Thailand only to be leaving for home a week later, so he should be back in the states about now.  We had a BBQ on the street Sunday night before he left.  SO these are just fun pictures of the night.  I will miss my friend that I can be totally goofy with, but he may be coming back to Taiwan mid February so that will be fun.

We are BBQing frog, chicken legs, pork, and beef.  It was a pretty good spread.

Mae Mae (little sister in Chinese) was quite the helper.....Once she found the seasoning salt the BBQ became quite interesting.......never had such "flavorful" meat.

Philip and me

Me and Christen....my new roommate

She moved in on Sunday!  She is the girl who arrived on the same flight at me so we have known each other since our first five minutes in the airport in Taiwan.

Merina and me.

Wen and me

Wen is one of our Taiwanese friends.  He is great!  He teaches me lots of Taiwanese and has me eat interesting foods such as field mouse, snake, turtle, and duck.  He and Tony (next picture) like to play with my head and tell me that everything that I am eating is DOG!!!  I have yet to actually have dog even though after two bites of everything they still tell me I am.


The two kids in any of these pictures are his.  He has a girl who is four, Shien Shien, and a boy who is 8 months and I can never remember his name.

He's huge!

She loves digital cameras!

And Philip loves kids!

Ahh....they became fast friends

This is Puma.  He always say "Hello, I am Puma" and makes this body gesture.  So it is just natural that whenever anyone says his name they immediately do this gesture also!  Causes an immediate smile every time you see him.

silly times

After the BBQ was over, we went to Ice Cream's for KTV and some good food (not so seasoned).  Ice Cream's is the restaurant where we all go once a week.

Philip is quite an amazing singer.  The rest had a bit too much to drink.

Karaoke seemed to go on forever so.........

Philip.....Chopsticks go in your mouth man!

Seems to be a typical picture of the the two of us......who knows why!

Umm......Maybe the food didn't settle to well!

Yeah.....we got a little sick of all the karaoke!  So we found more interesting things to do with our time!  Man, I'll miss that guy!  I'll have to be silly on my own!  AHH!!!

It was a good going away barbeque.  Bittersweet, but a good time.