November 28, 2004

Helen and I went to Culture Road in Chaiyi.  It is called that because there are a ton of shops and things.  Though most every store has the exact same merchandise.

Here's what it looks like on a SLOW day.

After we went walking around, we went to the MTV.  That is a movie place where you can choose nearly any movie, have a private room with a couch, and you can control the lighting and the sound for the movie.  You can bring food and drinks in and have a private movie.  It is a nice way to go to a movie.

We went shrimp fishing when we returned to Puzih.  Not something that seems like a normal thing to do and it isn't really, but we all enjoy it!  I have been before, but I didn't fish.  I fished last night!!!

A big cement pool filled with Shrimp.  They put about 20 in per hour, but the whole bottom of the pool is covered with them. 

This is the small pool that you can't fish in.  They bring the shrimp from here to stock the pool.

I caught the biggest one of the night!!!  Look at those claws!!!  I never knew shrimp had claws!!!

He is a squirmy one!!!

My prized 3 shrimp!

That's Wen, me, and the shrimp.

I've got the big shrimp and Wen is holding my smaller shrimp.

Mae Mae fishing with Jason and Helen.

Graham caught quite a few shrimp.  You skewer them and then BBQ them!

Me and 2 of mine!


Mae Mae ready to BBQ.

Between the five of us we caught a good amount of shrimp.

Helen and Mae Mae

Dinner is served!!!

It was a fun time.  I am sure we will do this quite a bit.  It is fun and very yummy!!  And the shrimp are HUGEmongous!!!