Here are a few funny pictures in Taiwan.

The first one is a bit too far away, but you can sort of see a lady pushing an entire crib down the street.  Not a stroller, a crib. There were two toddlers sitting in it playing while she was pushing it down the street shopping.  It was quite a sight to see, but I pulled my camera  out a bit to late to get a good picture, but it is still pretty funny!

The next picture is pretty hilarious!

You all know the claw games that you can play at arcades or fairs.  You have a joystick outside and you maneuver the claw to get a stuffed animal inside the glass case.

Have you ever tried to get a lobster in one?!!!  Yes...a live stuffed animals in this one!

We got quite a kick out of it.  Only 10NT for a chance at a lobster.  That is about 30 cents American.

Christen and I went walking around today looking for everyday activities.  My parents want pictures of a whole family on a scooter and the other funny things around here, but of course when you are looking for it.....there is nothing picture worthy!

This is a typical food stand. These things are about every 10 feet.  Chicken pieces being sold out of someone's cart or a garage.

And door to that garage shop is a beautiful flower shop!

Check out the orchids on the right of the picture.  Orchids grow amazingly here.  They are everywhere and always seem to be in bloom!  Gorgeous!

So....Those are a few new additions, I will try to get some real everyday pictures soon!