Today is Friday December 10th.  Jason is going back to Canada tomorrow morning.  Bye Jason! But he will be back in February.

I have been try a bit harder to get some everyday pictures around town so here are a few for today.

Random picture of a bicycle built for 3.  Mom and 2 kids.

Notice. Seat on back, regular seat, and seat in the middle.

The Taiwanese elections are tomorrow and I cannot wait until they are over!  I am not sure if election time is worse at home or here.  At home the TV and newspapers are covered with election stories so you try to avoid sitting in front of the TV during commercials, but here.......there is no avoiding the sounds of the election!  There is a parade somewhere in town throughout the day.  There are trucks full of people and people walking around the street garbed in vests that have their favorite politicians picture on them.  There is at least one person armed with a microphone spouting out information about candidate, a person wailing on a drum, and usually someone lighting fireworks out of the back of the truck!  It is crazy!  Often times I can hardly hear myself talking when one is passing by.

We all went outside to watch the parade.  Here are some of my students.

Michael, Herry, and Kevin

In between classes.

After work I stopped at the bank and there was a random kid (alone) on the corner.

Can barely see the kid, but he is about 2 or 3 and directly in the middle leaning against a metal rail near the busiest intersection in Puzih.

Here is the intersection.  Notice the counter above the light, too bad no one pays much attention to these while driving!  I am amazed at how few accidents there are!

And by the way it is really COLD now!!!  I am freezing!  My roommate took a picture of my scooter riding outfit!!  It is all about the fashion!!!

You are in for a treat!

I am wearing a thermal shirt, a turtle neck sweater, a sweatshirt, overalls, leg warmers, athletic socks, and a jacket!!!  I am still FREEZING!!!!!!!