Neil's Birthday

Neil's birthday was Friday.  We all went out on Saturday to celebrate.  We went to a restaurant called Hunter's.  It is like a big tree house.  All the tables are on different levels and it feels a bit like Swiss Family Robinson.  And the food was great!

We met a couple monkey friends!

I think they are Gloria's sisters, Caitie!  These two couldn't stop talking about her!

One of them is 3 years old and the other is 2.  They were a bit nervous, but it was fun to see them.

This is the group at dinner.  It was nearly all the people from Puzih crew out in Chaiyi.

This is pig intestine soup.....mmmmm....yummy.

I didn't try it, but Annie tells me it is quite good.   I stuck to the seafood soup and other things I recognized.  I wasn't feeling food adventuresome that night.

This is me and Puma. 

We all know how much I LOVE karaoke......I think I found Karaoke heaven!

This is an amazing KTV place.  Is there anything better?!!!  All KTV all the time!

This is inside the KTV.  There is a little park type thing inside.

Anji on the slide at the KTV.

This is the KTV room.  A big projection screen is on the wall for singing and there are about 4 microphones.


Helen, Neil, and I went to Tainan in the morning.  We just walked around for a bit, but it was a beautiful Sunday!

Couldn't resist taking this picture of a dentist office.  This ones for you, Dad!

It was a fun weekend.