Well, it is Christmas Eve and I got a few pictures of Puzih on Christmas Eve day.  They actually did some Christmas celebrating today.  It was very fun to see.  There hasn't been much to see until tonight.


This is the man made Christmas tree that will be lit up later in the night.

And here it is at night!  Looks much better at night!


Here is the Christmas tree at school.  I decorated it myself!  The aunty usually does, but she doesn't like doing it because it is a hassle so I offered to do it!  Looks pretty nice, I think!

Emily gave the kids little bags of candy for Christmas and Derek helped put them together.

This is a snowman that Merina and I painted for Emily's garden.  After I finished the pinwheel, Emily decided she wanted it to be turned into a colorful clown, but I had to get a picture of my pinwheel!  I was proud of the snowman!!!!!

These are brothers.....Kevin (on top) and Stanley.  They are here nearly everyday just hanging out.  They each take a class twice a week but are here doing homework and basically in day care here other times throughout the week.

This is Joyce.  She reminds me of my niece, Claire.  She isn't smiling here, but when she smiles she really looks like a Chinese version of Claire.

Saw this van on my way to work.  Hello Santa!

After work I drove around and there were a bunch of festivities!  I was very surprised!!!

Blow up Santa on the back of a truck.

Funny Paper Mache head Santa!  The kids couldn't get enough of this guy!  He was throwing candy all over the place!

There were a bunch of people dressed like Santa walking around too!

These little angels were singing English Christmas carols for all to hear!  They were very cute!

That was Christmas Eve in Puzih!  It was nice to finally see a little holiday spirit!


Ready for New Year's now!

This is just a fun picture because I couldn't figure out what this guy was making......

That big round piece of wood is a coffin in the process of being hand-made.   I was shocked to see that.  I have been here for four months and frequent the 7-11 across the way and never seen this guy, but today he had 2 coffins in the process of being made!

That is it for Christmas Eve day!  It is Christmas morning (very early) as I am writing this all down!  More to come of Christmas day!!!