I had to work Christmas morning, but only until noon.  Christen and I went on a drive into the mountains for a relaxing Christmas day.  It was really nice and exactly what I need to clear my head from missing home.  After the drive we went out to dinner with everyone and had some great food.


This road was beautiful.  It goes all the way around a big lake created by a damn.

Park that overlooks the lake.

It was a beautiful view!!

We found a large God on our drive.  We couldn't figure out which God it is, but that is a normal problem we have when we see things around here.  This one is holding a flower and had gorgeous Lilies at the base.  They were selling them at a little market too.  So we figure it had something to do with flowers.

This family was praying to the God so we know it has some importance.  It is weird because different families worship different Gods and hardly know what the other Gods are.  It is nearly impossible to ask anyone what any of the different Gods are.

Me and Christen

This is the largest Poinsettia I have ever seen and being that it is Christmas day, I had to take a picture!!

The sky during the mountain drive.

It was a cold day in the mountains.

On the left is a mudslide cliff.  Not far to the right is someone's entire house and farm.  I can't imagine having my house possibly fall off a cliff.

On the drive home we stopped at a pagoda overlook and someone had left 13 puppies in a crate.  They were very cute!  Don't worry I didn't touch them!

Now....Time for dinner!!!!

YUMMY!!!  Surprisingly this turkey was amazing!  For a meal that is rarely ever made in Taiwan, this was REALLY good!

Graham carved the turkey.

Merina enjoying the turkey leg.

Christen, me, Mimi, and Tony (Mimi's boyfriend)

The girls

Raymond proposed to Sharon.  Look at that bouquet!!!

It was a good day in the end. I got a few phone calls from good friends from home.  That was nice.  I got up very early and spent a virtual Christmas with my family which was nice.  The web cam and voice chat feature of Yahoo Messenger is awesome!!!  I couldn't actually be there, but I sure saw and heard it all. 

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!!!