New Year's Eve


Happy New Year!!!!

We started our night at an outdoor party.  It was at the YMCA.  The pool  was empty and being used as a dance floor.   We did the countdown there, but it was the coldest night of the year so we moved the party to Player, the local dance club, to get warm.

Merina, my co-worker from Canada, Helen from Canada, Me, and Wen, our Taiwanese friend.

Esther, a Chinese-English teacher,  and Tony (a Taiwanese friend)

Merina (my co-worker) and Me

Merina, Tony, and me

Graham is from South Africa.  He has been in Taiwan for nearly 4 years!! Cindy is Wen's friend.

Annie and Me

 Annie is a Chinese-English teacher, but she is only here until February.  She spent the last ten years in Australia going to school.  She is in Taiwan for 4 months visiting family and is then headed back to Australia.  She is teaching at a school near Puzih.

Graham and Neil are both from South Africa.  They met in Taiwan, but you would think they had known each other for a lot longer than that.  They are very good friends.

Luke and Megan.  Luke is always recording our nights in Taiwan.

Graham and Me

Christen (My roommate) and Me

After the nightclub, some of us decided to go to KTV.  We got there and waited for a really long time to get a room.  Neil and I got bored and decided to take pictures of ourselves.  By the time the room was ready, we were all too tired to actually go in and sing.  Here is what you do when you are bored!!!

Fancy curtains

Christen and Helen....waiting.

Being serious with the famous Taiwanese guy!  This guy is a billboard for alcohol and is in a lot of different establishments.


It's cold in Taiwan!  Neil told me that I should get a picture of the "Chinese sign".  So this is a sign for PartyWorld.  It is a KTV in Chaiyi City.

Neil and Me

It was a happy New Year.  Lots of fun being silly all night.

It was a good start to 2005!