New Year's Day

Wen's family owns a company and they had an end of the year dinner that they invited us to.  It was at Ice Cream's, the restaurant that we spend a lot of time in.  This is the place that everyone met Wen and his family before I arrived. Their family is always so nice to us.

Wen's Mama and Me singing KTV.  She is very inviting to all the foreigners and treats us like family.

Angel is the mom of the two little ones that are in previous pictures.

Angel and Me

Neil, Elmer and Cindy are all from South Africa.

I played with this turtle for awhile and then passed it to Wen.  Later it ended up on our table for dinner.  I didn't know that it was being prepped for dinner when I was playing with it.

Neil and Graham drank the turtle blood.  YUCK!

Wen and Willem.......a toast to the new year!

We ate dinner and sang KTV.  It was a fun night with Wen's family.  A good way to start 2005!  If this weekend is an indication of how the rest of the year will be than I am greatly looking forward to the days to come!!!