Saturday Night Market

Merina and I went to the night market on Saturday night.  Every Saturday night a bunch of streets are blocked off by many vendors selling treasures.  You never know what you will find at the markets and the smell of all the different foods mixing together really allow for some major sensory overload!

This a view from the beginning of the market.  It wraps around and I am always confused when it is all set up as to what the streets look like in the daytime!

Lots of birds!

The baked goods here are pretty amazing!!  The candy stand always has some different little treats all laid out!

The jewelry stands are always neat.  There are all kinds of beaded bracelets and jade jewelry.  I am always interested in seeing all the intricate carvings in jade.

These teapots are everywhere.  Tea is a very popular drink here.  There are shoe stands everywhere.  They are cheap!  About 300NT dollars, which comes out to about $10 US, will buy you an okay pair of tennis shoes.

Lots of produce from the local farms.  It is all very fresh, but it all goes bad quickly.  It all tastes really good though!

One of the many kinds of appetizing foods sold at the night market (or along the side of the street any day of the week)!   Fish and squid on a stick!

They have many things set up for the kids to do.  Lots of carnival games and these little cars to drive around.

Merina and I bought glasses for our bowling excursion later in the night.

This guy took the cleaning of the glasses very seriously.  I paid about 50NT dollars on these glasses ($1.50US) and he spent about 5 minutes cleaning them!  Pretty funny.  He stood there speaking Chinese to two blank stares!  He spoke so fast we didn't even have a chance to try to figure out what he was saying!

This guy kept calling out hello to us and waving as many Taiwanese do when foreigners are out and about.

A view of some of the great clothing on sale.  As you can see it is all very fashionable!!  Notice the spelling of the sweater on the left.  It is very normal to see miss-spelled English on clothing here.  Foreigners search out clothes that have incorrect English on them.