Shrimp Restaurant and a night out of Puzih

Saturday night we all went to a restaurant in Chaiyi.  Wen (our Taiwanese friend) works for his father as a steel construction worker and they built the frame of the building.  We were all invited to go share in the opening of the Shrimp fishing restaurant.  It is similar to the one in Puzih, but much bigger! 

People just sit around the cement pond and fish for big shrimp.

These two occupied a lot of my time in the restaurant.  I became a jungle gym for quite awhile.  It was fun and I got the kid tour of all the people there.

Tony's daughter and some other kid that I met that night.

Wen's Mom

Wen's brother Frank. He hangs out with us quite a bit when we have BBQ's and things, but he is still in high school so he can't come out with us.

I made some friends while at the restaurant.  The man on the left is Wen's cousin.  Graham and I enjoyed sitting and trying to have a conversation with them.

After the restaurant, we went out on the town.  It was Neil's last weekend with everyone before he goes back home.  He leaves next weekend, but people are leaving for Chinese New Year break before that, so we had a big group outing.

This is the singer at the club.  He let me sing a song with them.  It was a fun and prepared me for the rest of the night when we went to karaoke!

Duane, a Canadian who just moved back down this way after being up in Taipei for awhile, Christen (my roommate), and me.

Neil singing his heart out!  His final KTV in Taiwan.  He is the one going back to South Africa next week.

Dawn, a friend from Canada.  She is leaving Taiwan at the beginning of March.

Hank, a South African who lives in Doulio next door to my agent.

I had a really fun night.  I was a ballet star at the club because there was no one on the dance floor.  I took full advantage!  Pam, you would have been quite proud!  I also got to sing on stage at the club, so I had a full performance night!  I think Neil had a very good farewell weekend. 

We all have one more week of work and then we will all travel to different places for Chinese New Year week.  It is a very much needed break!  I haven't had more than a day or two off in a row in 5 months!!!!!!