Lantern Festival   

To signify the end of Chinese New Year there is a festival that starts 2 weeks after New Years Day.  There are parades and a display of lanterns that are throughout the streets.  I was unlucky enough to get strep throat so I missed the festivities, but I went and took pictures tonight.  The lanterns adorn the streets for a week.

Street leading to the Matsu Temple in Puzih

There is a lion like this on both sides of the street leading to the temple.

Pretty fish

The lotus flower is on a lot of different monuments.  Not really sure what the hand signal is, but I see a lot of things with the one finger bent down.

Warrior God

Another Warrior God


The phoenix was guarding the temple.

So is this god.

I wish I could make this more readable but it is the history of the Matsu Temple.  Pretty interesting information.

The lantern festival reminds me of how people decorate their houses at Christmas time at home.