Good-bye Merina   

Merina left today to go to Central America for two months and then back home to Canada.  We all did her last minute shopping with her.  We went to a store called the Carrefour.  It is a huge store a little like Target, a little like Super Walmart, and a little like Costco.

Free English teacher with purchase of mass amounts of tissue.

Emily (my boss), Merina, Sophie (head Chinese teacher), Mimi (co-worker), Me

We went out to lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Chaiyi.  It was the most fancy meal I have had.  Eight courses all very small and beautifully presented.

I ordered fish for lunch and this is how it was served!  Pretty funny to look at!

Looks like it is ready to attack the eater!!!

Later that night after Merina had finished all her packing, everyone came over and had dinner at my house.  Our last night with Merina!  Wen and Esther made us an amazing hot pot dinner!

Wen and Esther in the kitchen working their magic!

Wen cooking!!!

Everyone cozy on the couch waiting for the hot pot to be ready.

They made a hot pot with more than you can imagine.  There is meat, tofu, mushrooms, fish balls, pork balls, noodles, cabbage, lettuce, and I am sure there is more.  It is all in a soup broth!  IT was really good, but there was WAY too much food!

Merina will be missed from the Puzih crew!