A Day in the Life

Well....I have not taken enough pictures of my kids so here is a little day in the life and some crazy kids around the school!

A family on the way home from school on the scooter.  They own a local restaurant and have a big basket on the back for making home deliveries.

My school.  The front door and the wonderful big yellow sign. 

This is my boy Sam!  He walks in and YELLS my name first thing when arriving at school.  He sings a little song too!  He learned a song called Peanut Butter and Jelly.  ANd he has changed it to Tina, Tina butter!  It is pretty cute!

Joy and Sam.  They are in my whole English class. I have them six hours a week.  Most other kids I only have for an hour and half. 

Amy, Joy and Sherry.  All of these kids are part of my whole English class.  Whole English means that they are only taught in English.  They rarely are taught by a Chinese-English Teacher.  They learn quite quickly and can speak pretty good English.  The other kids come to English class twice a week and have one class taught by a Chinese teacher and one taught by a foreigner.

Mike, Danny, and Joey. 

Peter, Herry, and Michael

HELLO Billy!!


Jenny and Sandy....I have a bunch of twins.  These girls are beautiful!

Cathy, Nana, and Micky.  Cathy and Micky are twins, too.

Jay and Nick


Kids jumping around

My cool boys!  They are a kick! 

The kids can be pretty cute. Especially when you aren't teaching at the time!!!