God Birthday Parade

I left work during one of my breaks and happened on a parade leading to the temple.  It is some God's birthday but no one I asked could tell me which one.  They have so many God's in this country that different families all praise different ones.  So here is a look at a very typical parade to celebrate a God in Taiwan.


This is a firework display at the entrance to the temple.  They let off TONS of fireworks and it sounds and feels like a war zone.  Dodging sparks flying in every direction.

A look at the parade waiting to enter into the temple grounds

These students were all dressed and painted up. They looked like zombie people!!!  They were a bit creepy to look at.

The ladies in front had huge origami ghost money idols hanging from their shoulders.  The ladies in pink have large baskets of flowers.

These huge guardians always come immediately before the God idol in a parade.  They are huge puppets with men inside controlling the arms.  You can see the hole in the center where they can see out.  I like these guys!!!

These guys in white are holding the God idol.  They were more intrigued with me than the festivities that were going on.  They kept waving and pointing at me.   Guess they are used to seeing the parades, but not so used to seeing a Wygoren (White person).

One of the fun things about being here is that you can just drive into something like this any random day of the week.