A Sunday Drive

Christen and I woke up on Sunday and went on a drive out to the ocean.  We drove through some small towns on our way.  We went through one town and were very close to the ocean when Christen's scooter just stopped.  So she had to push it back into the small town to a scooter shop.  We had driven through the town 3 times and felt like it was a parade because a bunch of people were just sitting out in front of their houses.  A couple old guys tried to talk to us on very pass. IT was a very cute little town.

Christen after her scooter push.  Getting the scooter fixed.

We went out to the harbor and checked out the boats.  I would NEVER go out in the middle of the ocean on one of these things!  These people are crazy!

We watched some guys bring in their fishing nets and clean up after they dropped of their catch of the day.

The harbor

Now these are small boats I recognize!  Still wouldn't go out in the ocean in these either!

One of those rickety looking boats out in the ocean!




Not really sure what these things are.  I assume they are for catching something, but these guys were very quick and the guy standing on the thing had the best balance! 

Me playing around  with my wonderful new hat and sunglasses!

Me on my scooter in front of a temple with huge piles of oyster shells!!!  These piles of shells were everywhere!! 


Seriously!  These huge piles of oysters are every 5 feet and each one is just as huge!!!

These are the kelp and fish farms that are near the ocean.

Caught a guy taking in his crop.  Out in his waders carefully pulling it in.

These are funny little birds that are found in all the fields.  They have some long stilt legs. 

These grave sites are all over the place.   Randomly set by the side of the road.  You can pretty much see a grave site on all farm country roads.

Wen's house in on the way out to the ocean, so we stopped to say hi on our way back.  He was working on a Sunday!!!  They never take a break here!!!

We went to the guys house for a BBQ after our Sunday drive


Playing some baseball before the BBQ.

Helen arriving on her scooter.

Me taking pictures from the road median.  Was an abnormally non-busy day for this street.

Wen enjoying a hamburger......not a commonly eaten food for him.

Sunday was nice and relaxing.