A barbeque at Wen's house.

The 5th of April is tomb sweeping day.  It is a Chinese holiday where most families go to their ancestors houses and clean the graves and have a picnic at the site.  Wen's family had us all over for a bbq.  It is always fun to go to Wen's house and hang out in the warehouse.

The make-shift bbq.  A piece of steel framework.


The crew at the bbq.  Wen, his brother Frankie, and Graham.  Wen's dad is in the background of the picture on the right.  They had a blast around the bbq.

Wen and his mama.

They found some ribs to bbq (which is rare), but cutting them apart was a chore!

Wen is crouching on a stool.  He was telling us that his grandparents eat all their meals crouched like this atop stools.  They've got some amazing balance!

Me and Jason.  Just sitting and enjoying!

Willem got a hold of the air gun and found nearly everything imaginable to shoot at everyone.  It was quite the show and something would fly at you when you least expected it!

Me, Graham, Puma 3, and Puma 1.   Puma 1 found a case of Coors Light somewhere and it came with four shirts.  THere are 6 Puma's and their names are all Puma with their number attached.  Pretty funny!  Three of them showed up that night all wearing Puma attire!  Pretty funny!