My Last Night in Puzih

My last night in Puzih was April 9th.  Most of the people that I met in Taiwan stopped by to say good-bye.  It was a bitter sweet night, but we had a good time.  The Puzih crew all had our ceremony at Wen's house with the passing of the 58 glass and will be part of that crew for always and those from outside of Puzih will be just as much a part of me.  Can't believe this was the final night!!!  Thank you all for coming and seeing me off, but mostly for coming into my life and making it better and more full!!!

We had a dress up as your favorite Taiwanese party!

Here is the group at the beginning of the night.  People from all over!

Christen and I were quite the power girl rice farmers!  Complete with the galoshes and rice farmer hats!


Christen gave me a Taiwan life gift about every hour.  The first of the gifts was the lovely slippers that every true Taiwan living person must own!  They aren't pretty but they are comfortable and practical!

The ever popular and a must have........The plastic rain coat.   Never get on your scooter with out it!  Never know when buckets of water may start falling from the sky!

Here we have the wonderful arm protectors.  They are for scooter riding and farming!  No bugs on the arms and no sun burns!  That is Megan in the picture!  She is our friend that lives near Taipei.  Came down for the shin-dig.

Find the chopsticks!  Can buy them in bulk at any store!

No self respecting Taiwanese can go a day without lighting this horrible smelling incense!!

A night with out a bottle of 58 is a sin!  Taste just like turpentine, but add some plums and it is a must!!

And finally we have the spiderman arm protector jacket, the face mask,  and the Taiwanese energy drink!  All must haves!

And here is waht you look like after putting on all the must have items to survive in Taiwan!

Looking fully Taiwanese complete with my beetle nut "girl"!  Elmar dressed as the ever popular beetle nut girl!  Looking good!


Jamie, Rachel, Me, and Amy.  A few of the local Taiwanese girls that came to most of our Puzih parties!

Jason and me

Graham has been here so long he is turning Taiwanese....just needs a stool to sit on and a pack of Beetle nut in his pocket!

Cindy and Me

Hank and Me

Helen and Cindy had the ultimate Fashion Star apparel on!  You know you've been living in Taiwan when it is completely normal to be sporting the bright pink and polka dots!!  Lookin' good ladies!

These are my two favorite Chiayi girls!  Janine is in the top picture and Marnel is in the lower.  These two are beautiful people that I met my first weekend in Taiwan.  They could make me smile just by entering the room!  They will be sorely missed!!!

Jason is Made in Taiwan!! 

Nice outfit Dion!

These two left the party a little early to catch a flight to Hong Kong!  The flood gates opened and I was crying most the rest of the night!  Nice puffy eye look I have going!  My two Puzih boys!  Jason and Graham!  Will miss you!!

These two got the idea a little off!  Dressed as Canadians!  Hello Taiwanese was the theme, but there are enough Canadians here that I guess they are well dressed!

Fireworks in the street!  No night in Taiwan can be complete without the fireworks!

Anji and Me....the other American in Puzih!

Bye J!!

Helen, Cindy, Me 

Me and Glen!  Sweet Child of Mine will never be the same!!

No night at the guys house is complete unless this wonderful lady comes and picks up the cans!

Can't imagine life without this girl!!  Miss you Christen!

Christen and I are laying in the street!  Just chillin'!


Don't forget 7-11!!!  Late night shopping!!

So the end of the adventure for Tina in Taiwan is here.  I experience the most life changing time of my life.  I met amazing people and experienced a different culture.  These people supported and hugged and loved me!  I will miss them and forever be in debt to them always!

Thank you!!!!  I love you and miss you already!!!