Trip Home

I left Puzih early on April 11th expecting to be home within 24 hours.  I had another thing coming!!

Christen took the bus up to Taipei with me to see me off.  I was very glad she came with me.  I am a bit of a nervous flyer!

The Taipei airport!


Christen hanging out with my many bags.  Me in front of the airport sign!

Here is my airplane!  Can't wait to get on it.

First leg of the trip is from Taipei, Taiwan to Narita, Japan.

Got to Japan with no issues.  ON time and didn't have to rush to my connecting flight.  In fact, sat for 2 hours as the flight was delayed.  Finally they put us on the plane only to sit ont he plane for 3 hours with no movement!  Finally they took us back off the plane and sent us through customs and to the Narita Hilton to stay the night.  We were a plane full of cranky people who all had to check into the same hotel!  It took forever!!

My room at the Narita Hilton

My box dinner at the hotel!  Filet Mignon in a box!  It was actually really good!  Much better than airplane food.

The property around the hotel was beautiful!!


I have always heard about these cherry blossoms, but they really are beautiful and line nearly every street that I saw!

Back to the Narita airport in Japan.

Hello San Francisco!!!

Claire and Amanda.  And Griffin!  They all came and met me at the airport and we went out for a great Mexican meal!!

Christen....this one is for you!!!  Margarita anyone?!