Picture of the Day

April 7th

Scootering!!!   Me and my trusty scooter!

April 6th

A typical old woman riding on her bicycle with her rice hat and her neck covering.

April 5th

This is a Taiwanese steel workers make-shift barbeque.  Quite creative!  A piece of steel used for building frame work placed on a metal frame and there you have a barbeque.

April 4th

These flowers grow everywhere.  At home I have tried to grow one and have no luck but here they grow like weeds!

April 3rd

Man working on his fishing boat.

April 2nd

This man is patiently waiting for more cardboard to stack on his bike.  A new store opened so he is happily waiting as new boxes get thrown out.  He found a prime recycling location!!!

April 1st

These are guardians for a God.  These big puppets have people in them dancing around.  They always come through the parade in front of the God idol.  They are huge!

March 31st


It is raining!!!!   The picture on the left is a couple of older people decked out in their rain gear.  The picture on the right is an old guy showing the Taiwan talent of riding a bicycle (happens on scooters too) while holding an umbrella!

March 30th


So it was raining BUCKETS today, so I couldn't get a good picture of the day.  I got my hair straightened at one the Taiwan hair salons (which is an experience in itself).  Just wanted to see if my hair would straighten.  Here it is.  Has grown a ton since being here!!  I finally have LONG hair!!!


March 29th

My Mister Fix-it's scooter shop.  Where I get my scooter tuned up! 

March 28th

So much recycling so little time!  One lady on a scooter and another walking about with a homemade wheel barrel contraption.

March 27th

This survey guy looked like he had NO idea why he was holding up crazy traffic.  Just stood there in between his cones looking VERY nervous!

March 26th

At the night market the kids are kept out really late!  This little one just couldn't handle it!  Passed out on the scooter!

March 25th

Schools out and the whole family jumps on the scooters!

March 24th

Man in his shop with his alter set up and burning ghost money.  Must be the 1st or 15th day of the lunar calendar!  You never know until every shop has something like this set up!

March 23rd

This is a store that sells ghost money.  Ghost money is burned at the 1st and the 15th day of the lunar calendar month.  The Taiwanese offer up a table full of things to the gods and pray (Bai-Bai).  Then they burn ghost money in little portable fire places to honor the gods.  These stores are always near temples.

March 22nd

Who says you need a car? Scooters can be family transportation!  Even room for the dog!  Still looking for a good shot of an entire family and the dog!  It is quite common for a family of 4 plus the dog to be riding around.

March 21st

Recycling by the older folks in Puzih is a common thing to see but it is always entertaining to see the different ways they carry their treasures.

March 20th

The people of Taiwan travel in large groups to come see the famous Chiang Kaishek Memorial.

March 19th

These two men were playing Chinese Chess at Sun Yatsen Memorial.  This is a very common sight to see. 

March 18th

The main form of transportation in Taiwan is the wonderful scooter!!  There are shops on every street and people of all ages working in them.  This a very Taiwanese sight to see.  A house that looks like a junk store that is actually a scooter shop.

March 17th

This look is very common by anyone you sit at a traffic light next to.  This kid was content on staring at me the entire light. He could hardly enjoy his after school snack!  Celebrity status!

March 16th

Woman rummaging through the garbage at my apartment building.  I feel like I am back on E Street!